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JetLock GPS/GSM – the Third Generation

In a third version complementing JetLock and JetLock X the product range is being expanded to a GPS/GSM transmitter with alarm and locating function. When purchased, a GPS/GSM contract is closed with a JetLock mobile phone partner. The transmitter, which cannot be drilled open, can be installed on the frame on the level of the bottom bracket bearing. Via the radio contact between JetLock and the GPS/GSM transmitter an additional alarm and locating function is established. Theft attempts or damaging of JetLock or the transmitter trigger a SMS alarm sent to the mobile phone of the bike owner.

The SMS alarm can be used as a support of the acoustic function of JetLock. In this case, an additional sticker “GPS/GSM alarm” would be attached to the frame as a deterrent measure.
Or the SMS alarm replaces the acoustic alarm: In case of theft, the thief would consider himself safe not knowing that the theft has been reported and that the stolen bike can be located. The locating can be done via mobile phone or through the future mobile phone partner of JetLock.

For the further exploitation of JetLock GPS/GSM’s potential, a cooperation with partners of the insurance business is being considered. It is planned to have a central alarm headquarter, which receives theft reports, locates automatically stolen JetLock GPS/GSM bikes and informs directly the police station in charge. In the long term, JetLock GPS/GSM secured and marked bikes would not be touched by thieves anymore.