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Bikes are becoming increasingly popular - unfortunately also among thieves. While the theft over night with ‚professional equipment’ is rather an exception, spontaneous theft is the rule. Without locking your bike, you cannot leave it unattended – no matter what price category – not even for a short while.

An effective protection against quick theft are heavy locks with hardened chains or steel frames, with which the bikes are locked to railings or poles. Unfortunately these locks are not only expensive, but heavy, unhandy, not fixed to the bike and they have to be used with individual keys. Until now this rule was valid: The more money you invest in bike security, the more inconvenient locks and their use become.

Lightweight locks instead, offer almost without exception no practical solution either: On the one hand they are fixed to the bike, such as a spoke lock, but don’t offer protection against the theft of the complete bike. On the other hand, cypher locks, chain locks and spiral cable locks are easy to crack even for occasional thieves.

JetLock instead, relies on a new concept: As it is not based on heavy steel or sophisticated lock technology, it is light at a comparatively attractive price. The deterrent alarm is especially in an urban environment an effective protection against spontaneous theft. Even if JetLock cannot guarantee an absolute perfect protection, it will become standard equipment for all types of bikes soon.