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JetLock X
JetLock – the new security for your bike

JetLock can be fixed under all saddle types, including narrow racing saddles, without impeding while driving.
JetLock is a bike lock with a completely new, patented security concept: Among strong, expansive and unhandy armoured locks and light, but easy-to-crack lightweights, JetLock is an intelligent, comfortable and good value alternative against spontaneous theft.

JetLock, the new concept, relies on deterrent instead of armament: Instead of heavy armouring JetLock makes enormous noise in case of a theft attempt – a 30-second alarm of 110 decibel creates what every thief dreads most: attention.

JetLock makes life easier through the combination of various advantages: it is tightly fixed to the bike and with its 1.5 m long steel cable it secures the complete bike including saddle, front wheel and frame. With its 4-code cypher lock JetLock makes an additional bike key obsolete.

The new security concept fits all types of bikes and can be fixed to all saddle pipes – ranging from city cruisers to kid’s bikes to racing bikes – without being obstructive. With its metallic coating and its design available in various shades, with its robust macrolon casing and the integrated LED-back light JetLock is a plus for every bike. For everyday use JetLock is designed for disposable batteries, but it can also be used with an additional charger and rechargeable, environmentally friendly batteries.