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Bikes are becoming more and more popular: As means of transport, as a piece of sports equipment and overall as a environmentally friendly, healthy and mobile means of locomotion for everyone. In Germany alone, the number of bikes in 2002 was estimated at 65 million. The number of new purchases has risen continuously to 4.5 million in 2002. But also bike thefts could keep up and are estimated at around half a million in 2002 – not including the not be underestimated number of unreported cases!

According to a survey of Emnid, a market research institute, 62% of all Germans prefer cycling as their favourite sport even to swimming and hiking. Also the interest in cycling is growing, as the TV ratings of the Tour de France or the popularity of Jan Ulrich indicate.

Especially in the overcrowded city centres the bike offers increasingly a comfortable alternative to car traffic with its high stress level or to the unpopular public transport. The more important becomes the question of a suitable security concept.

Thus, popularity, distribution, variation of types (e.g. city, cruiser, fitness, all-terrain, trekking bikes) and their manners of use keep growing. At the same time, technical innovations are yielding still better, lighter, more secure, more attractive and more diverse bikes. Until now, however, there was a lack of simultaneous progress in security equipment.

With JetLock, a new dimension of convenience and security is arriving in the cyclist’s everyday life. No matter whether going to the post office, to a cafe or going shopping: JetLock, being fixed to the bike, is going there, too; it secures the bike to poles, railings, streetlights, etc.; it secures the complete bike including saddle or the front wheel and manages without an additional key. With its 110 decibel alarm JetLock turns every theft attempt especially in busy areas into a hopeless enterprise.