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Currently, the optimal structures for production, sales and marketing of the JetLock product range are being created. For potential investors, this offers interesting investment opportunities with lucrative ROI perspectives. In addition to the existing investors, we are looking for further support and a restricted number of additional investors. Investors, licensees, cooperation partners acting on national or international scale and other interested parties, we are asking to contact us in time so that they have the opportunity to participate in creating the appropriate structures. However, no concrete decisions have been taken yet; the possibilities sketched out here and below will serve as a discussion basis.

In Founding – the JetLock KG

As the probable marketing company for the German market it is likely that a limited partnership on a participation basis will be established. It is intended that the JetLock KG will be able to raise the necessary upfront investments entirely without bank credits. With promotional funds provided by national and European sources as well as with the capital of the participating limited partners JetLock KG will be able to have an successful market launch and will not only secure itself a respectable share of the market for bike equipment, but will vitalize the entire market for bikes and equipment.