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JetLock at a glance
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JetLock at a glance

The bike
Is becoming increasingly popular as a means of locomotion, as a piece of leisure.
Figures Bikes in Germany (2002)

number: 65 million
sales: about 4.5 million
Thefts: about 500,000 (not including unreported cases)
Trend: significantly growing

Objective: avoidance especially of spontaneous theft
Principle: deterrent through alarm
Market Positioning: JetLock is the new, intelligent lock which offers protection against sponaneous theft. With its product advantages, it fills a gap between expansive and heavy or easy-to-crack locks.

Target Group:
Theft, especially spontaneous theft concerns bikes of all types, brands, price categories, independent of age and condition. JetLock is the ideal protection against spontaneous theft for all types of bikes and price categories.

costs and prices: (ca.)
retail price ca. 38 €
production costs in Germany ca. 6,20 €

JetLock in comparison:

Armoured cable, frame and other locks:


not tightly fixed to the bike
additional key required

Spiral cable, spoke and other locks:

easy to crack
sometimes not tightly fixed to the bike
additional key

new design
new principle: alarm instead of armour
good value
no additional key
additionally secures saddle and front wheel
directly attached to the saddle without impeding while driving
robust macrolon casing
with LED back light

JetLock for bike holidays

Weight on a bike is not only relevant for racing cyclists: More and more holiday-makers are cycling.

"Holiday-makers enjoy cycling – millions of Germans mount their bike during holiday time: In 2003 2.25 million spent their holidays lasting several days on their bikes’ saddle; this is a plus of 12.5 percent compared to the previous year, following from the bike holiday analysis 2004 by ADFC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club)." (EUROBIKE NEWS)

Instead of a 3 kilo frame lock JetLock becomes the ideal equipment form bike holidays: With its light 220 g it hardly counts, with its steel cable also two bikes can be padlocked while on the road and its integrated back light ensures more roadworthiness.