The clever lightweight for more
bike security

4-code cypher lock
Steel cable clasp
LED-back light
Battery box
The steel cable

The 1.5 m long steel cable secures the bike including saddle and front wheel. It is recommended to pull the cable through the frame and the front wheel and around a suitable fixed object (poles, railings, fencing, etc.) IMPORTANT: The steel cable has to be pulled always through the frame, as otherwise JetLock can be stolen, together with the saddle pipe and the saddle.

The steel cable is pulled out of its mounting, while at same time the adjustment button is pressed. This avoids an unintended shooting back of the cable. When the adjustment button is pressed, there is no pressure on the cable, so it can be easily pulled through objects and the bike. For locking, the cable head is plugged back into the mounting. The correct cypher code is adjusted so that JetLock is being activated or locked. When trying to cut through the cable or to remove it from JetLock, a 110 decibel loud alarm is set off.